Planet Multi Store staff is made up of young people who strive every day to make the brand a leader in the direct and remote sales market in Italy and worldwide, aimed at satisfying the needs and desires of a demanding and curious public.

Buying in our online store means being able to choose, comfortably from home and at any time, from a wide range of selected and exclusive products and being able to count on our always available and highly trained customer support.

The mission: the Customer at the center
"Special people who understand Customers' wishes and make their purchases pleasant."
Responding to Customers' wishes and making their purchases pleasant is our Company's priority. In recent years We have made efforts to successfully transfer these values to all the staff.

Planet Multi Store is also an Online Shop!

Thanks to our online stores specialized in each sector, We are able to offer a wide range of products that can be easily purchased with just a few clicks, as well as the possibility of being advised at best in choosing any item thanks to our highly qualified staff. Furthermore, as an On-line User, You can choose to be updated on promotions and new product offers through our newsletter and always be updated on the news reserved for our customers.

Planet Multi Store represents…
Products always available in stock
Fast deliveries all over the world
Qualified technical support
After-sales Customer Service
Truly competitive prices

The origins of PLANET MULTI STORE date back to 1998, when Alessio Traversari graduated and entered the world of work as an employee for a company that markets large brands and where He works for about a year.

In 1999, after a short internship in marketing at a company in Prato, he started working for a metalworking company in Florence as a specialized worker.
Here in over 10 years of shift work, the slow phase of creating the business idea began. There are many difficulties he encounters, but without desponding, hHe asks to work for a few years only during the night shift and then only on the morning shift so that he can take advantage of the free afternoon to follow internships, courses and traineeships in various companies in various sectors.

In 2006 the idea of creating a company began to grew more and more, but It will still take 3 long years of sacrifices and savings.

In this year He completes the instructor course of Apnea Academy and opens his own association of apnea  and spearfishing, linking It to a self-built website with which throughout Tuscany and in a short time creates a full-time structure of courses in apnea and spearfishing between Prato-Florence-Pisa-Livorno-Lucca.
Also in the same year, He opened a small diving dedicated to apnea on the Island of Elba with which every weekend he takes the kids out of the courses and those who want to go freediving on the cable and go fishing. The school staff included 8 instructors with whom Alessio organized courses, outings and trainings.

On a warm morning in June 2009, Alessio decided, in agreement with his wife, to resign from the company He worked for to dedicate himself to his dream.
In October of the same year, the company Planet Sub (now taken over by BT Line S.r.l.) was born, a small shop for the retail sale and wholesale sale for diving and freediving quipment, with headquarters in Via del Castagno n. 51 in Prato.
These are years in which Italy faces a period of financial and economic crisis, but only a month after the opening of the store, to everyone’s amazement, Alessio invests the few savings set aside over the years and release online the e-commerce website studied and thought in the past.

In this year He studies the market and with so much tenacity and resistance He makes his way among the competitors and historical shops of the nearby area and the online market alongside the shop, the school and the diving. All this thanks to the family that is close to him and marries this project completely with him.

In early 2011, he hires the first employee with whom He expands the online sales sector.
In a short time the website reachs the top of the Italian market becoming the No. 1 online Store for the spearfishing, freediving and diving sectors.
The turnover grows more and more and in just one year also the employees increase but now the shop has become tight and the space is not enough even if the warehouse is enlarged for the amount of work.

Continuous growth both in turnover and employees along the entire Year.
That's why an additional investment is made thanks to the financial support of the banks and father-in-law by purchasing a shed for logistics and where the various offices are created and roles for new and old employees are assigned.

The numbers have grown too much and as in all families a woman's pulse is missing; it is precisely for this reason that in 2013 his wife Naila joined the company and Planet Sub was transformed into Planet Multi Store, a brand of BT Line S.r.l.
A few months later, the first "large" Planet Multi Store physical shop was purchased and inaugurated, based in Via Simintendi 2-2A in Prato, dedicated to wholesale and retail trade and with an assortment of thousands of products from all the genres.

Planet Multi Store begins to appear more and more to the market outside of Italy and slowly begins to invest in England and Germany, hiring native German and English staff respectively to offer excellent service to its customers.
Even the sports sectors have evolved and boating and swimming are added, unfortunately it becomes difficult to manage all the activities, so Alessio and Naila decide to sell the diving instructors and the school their associations to the various instructors of the school.

These are two years of growth and many innovations, years in which Planet Multi Store grows more and more as sales in Italy and abroad, becoming a leader in the European and World market.
At the beginning of 2016, Alessio comes to mind to enter the Triathlon sports sector, seeing a new big evolution in this sport.

Planet Multi Store decides to go to the first Dive Expo/Show in Italy, the "EUDI SHOW" in Bologna.
At the opening of the stand on the first day of the Expo, Planet Multi Store sees a large number of Customers who want to get to know this reality and finally see the faces of those who work there.
Also in the same year, Alessio decides to expand the sale of the triathlon, going to the various races/circuits throughout Italy from April to October with a van and 2 employees.

Planet Multi Store enters the German market in an important way by presenting itself at the Boot Show in Düsseldorf.
The triathlon sector is becoming increasingly popular and Alessio becomes aware of the two brands that concern the main race circuits: "Challenge Family" and "Ironman". So together with the main triathlon brands He creates and presents a project that everyone welcomes, so as to be able to guarantee the presence of his own store in all the main triathlon competitions in Italy and Europe.
To tackle this new project at best, a truck with living room and a trailer is purchased, which will be necessary for the transport of all the furniture and structures to expose the products to the best during the Expo.
It is a really difficult and hard year, due to the distance from home and family for Alessio, but thanks to the company of his faithful Italian Pointer dogs, Leone and Peggy, time flies quickly.
During the year, Naila decides to invest in the Expo Shows buying a customized stand that can be set up according to the needs.
Now events and expositions have become an important element in the Company's fracture, so it was necessary to overturn the entire internal structure of the staff and working method, in order to better follow all the new commitments.

In addition to the Düsseldorf and Bologna Expos, the Inter Dive fair in Friedrichshafen has been added, taking more and more space on the German market and making itself known.
Employees also increased, thus creating a staff dedicated to triathlon events which with Alessio, as a large family, toured for 7 months throughout Europe, making themselves known to a new public.

The year of the mutation.
The year has just begun and unfortunately in the worst way.
The world has been completely turned upside down, fear has spread everywhere for a common and invisible enemy that has changed everyone's lives. A virus that kills and divides people both in Italy and in the rest of the world: COVID-19.
Fear and panic reign supreme, so strong to stop Italy and with it also our store, following the order of a decree of the Prime Minister: no one must leave home except for work.
The contagion widens more and more, but we go ahead with the necessary precautions and attentions, respecting the regulations, gritting our teeth and we continue to sell thanks to our online store.
Exactly in this moment of strong change in habits and limited possibilities of living, having to respect rules and decrees, the new face of Planet multi Store is born, with a new website and above all the warehouse's new logistic, to guarantee fast express deliveries and a fast and automatic tracking system.
The new site is translated into over 10 different languages.
It will be the year of change and we will come out stronger than ever!



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