Place an order

Once you are registered, is it obligatory to place an order?

No, It’s not obligatory to place an order But you can login in our website any time you want and you will be updated about all the offers and all the products.

Once you are registered, will I receive a lot of spam and  advertisement?

No, You will receive  only the offers connected to the products you have subscripted in, or,  you are interesting in, and, you can be registered but you can decide not to receive emails anymore removing the newsletter subscription in your account.

Can I present a gift card?

Obviously, It’s easy and convenient, In our website you will find the section “gift card”, you should choose the amount of the gift card you want. Once  the people have received the gift card, they have to send an email to our staff, or calling them, and choosing the products they want; in the case the Purchase will be more expensive than the voucher value you should pay the difference directly to the courier paying no extra.




Payment methods

Will my transaction be safe if I pay with my credit card?

Obviously, For years now, we have been relying on Paypal or on the major bank credit circuits  Mastercard, Visa,American express, Visa Electron and Maestro for online transactions.

What is PayPal?

PayPal, the world’s leading online payment company, allows buyers and bussinesses to send and receive online payments . Paypal has over 100 million accounts in 190 countries and territories. It’s accepted by merchants all over the world

Where can I find my credit card safety code?

The security code of your credit card is located behind  the card at the top right and It’s madre up of 3 numbers.

Should I give you my credit card details to proceed with the payment?

Absolutely not,and,this is applied to all e-commerce sites and in general to all the websites. The details are personal and secret, you will have to enter it when you choose to pay by credit card. Your data will be processed by your credit card manager through our banking circuit in a secure way and in full compliance with the privacy rules.

How do I know my payment has taken place if I use my credit card?

In the moment you have completed the payment you’ll receive a confirmation email from Paypal or from the Bank.
When I place an order and I receive an error message which warns me there was an authorization problem,what didn’t work?

You can check your credit card number and expiration date on the card again. We remind you that we accept all major credit cards:Visa, Mastercard, Maestro,and American express

When I place an order and I receive an error message which warns me my  authorization was denied, what didn’t work?

It often happens that the bank blocks your credit card for security and temporarily to make sure that you are really the person who is trying to make the purchase and order on our website.This happens for a variety of reasons including: Do not habitually buy online,have made many online order on different websites in the short time or if you have a new card. For any information we suggest you to call your bank.




Expeditions and orders information  

What are the couriers you use?

For our shipments we use all the main world couriers such as  Sda, FedEx, DHL, Gls, Brt, Poste Italiane and Swiss Post

How many days do we need for an expedition?

For Italy, excluding unforeseen circumstances, deliveries take place in 24/48 hours except for the islands which take 72 hours.
For the rest of the world, it depends from the areas and the customs

How can I understand my order is confirmed? 

When you complete the order you will receive an email from our website with order confirmation.

How can I understand my payment is confirmed?

Entering in our website in your private area you will see the status of your payment and your order with the object “payment received” or “awaiting payment”.

Is the registration address of the website the same address of the expedition?

Yes, Unless you change the  shipping address during the payment

What address do you ship to when I use Paypal or credit card?

We have to send to the address you used to register on Paypal or the one you provide us with your credit card for your safety and our protection as well.

How can i know you have received the order if i place it on Sunday or in the middle of the night?

When you complete the order you will receive a confirmation email from our website

When will my package be dispatched?

In the case of payments by cash on delivery, credit card and Paypal We dispatch in the same day in the case of bank transfer or Postpay  top-up we will dispatch when we will receive the payment

How can I know where my package is?

You should enter inside your private area and looking for the object “my orders” in which you can find your tracking.

What can I do when the courier brings me the package and I’m out of my home?

If the courier does not find you at home, he will leave a notice. The first day after the failed delivery attempt, the package will be put in storage at the local courier’s office from where you can personally pick. The courier address and all the details about the package will be found on the notice left by the courier. If you don not pick it up personally from the courier’s office on the second day after leaving the notice, the courier will try again to deliver it to the address indicated in the order .

What address should I use If I want to receive my package in a friend or family house?

When you complete the order, You must choose a different address from the registration address
 What happens If I want to pay with cash on delivery?
Cash on delivery is valid only for the italian territory and requires the addition of cash on delivery charges that amount to € 5,00.
Payment is made directly to the courier in cash.

Should I pay  more money when I wasn’t home?

No,The courier will come in the following day to attempt an other delivery.

Can I change the address when the package is already dispatched?

Yes, you will have to send an email to the assistance to communicate the new address, we will contact the courier to change the address.
We do not accept address changes by telephone

What does “hold for pickup” mean?

The “hold for pickup” is when the package is sent to the the office closest to you and when you prefer, you can go to pick up the package with an identity document

Can there be any delays in delivery?

Only due to force majeure, such as strikes, bad weather etc.

How long should I wait to receive a package in an island?

Deliveries in island need almost 72 hours

Can I schedule an expedition or Can I be called from the courier to schedule an expedition?

Of course, during the compilation of the order you will find the specific object and the service will have an additional cost?

Should I sign anything when I receive the package?

Yes, you will sign the transport package that will prove receipt of the package

What should I do when I don’t receive my package?

You have to contact our help center by email specifying the order number and email

What should I do when the courier comes twice and He doesn’t find me?

You have to contact our help center by email specifying the order number and email.

How can I Be sure the courier has already come?

When the courier delivers you a package, he always leaves a notice to prove that  has come and He will review the next day
What does “parcel in stock” mean?
After two unsuccessful delivery attempts ,the package goes in stack.Don’t worry: as soon as a delivery goes into stock, we will contact you .We will unlock the package to be sure that your package is delivered as soon as possible

Can I receive the package In a Po Box or APO/FPO Militari?

No problem, We can ship to anywhere in the world as you indicate the exact area or address when you Place an order and you must leave your telephone number to the courier




Cancel an order or Make a change

How can I cancel an order?

If you want to cancel an order, You must send an email to as soon as possible, requesting the cancellation of the order using  the order number,
In some cases it may happen that the order has already been shipped and it’s no longer possible to cancel it.
In this case, when you will receive the package, you must refuse the package and You have to ask for the return to the sender.
Once We have received the package and after all the necessary checks have been carried out, the refund will be issued using the same method you’ve chosen, but the costs incurred for shipping and for the services will not be reimbursed.

How can I add or change products in My order?

If you want to add material or a products, you must send an email message requesting the variation with the order number and all the details of the product and its relative code, This is made to avoid unpleasant misunderstandings.
In some cases it may happen that it has already been sent and it’s no longer possible to cancel it.
In this case, when you will receive the package, you must refuse the package and You have to ask for the return to the sender.
Once We have received the package and after all the necessary checks have been carried out,t he requested exchange will be carried out with the charge for the return of the shipment and the new delivery, in the case that you have requested the refund, the costs incurred for shipping and for the services will not be reimbursed.




Return and Change Goods

The package is arrived broken: What should I do?

Before you accept the package, you have to check the packaging.
If you find any kind of damage in the packaging you have to inform the courier, before signing you have to accept the goods with a reservation. and after you have opened the package  in case you have found  a damage in the products, you have to describe the damage to the courier

The ware inside the package is broken: What should I do?

You have to open a procedure return using the appropriate Return easy guide

What does the warranty of the product included?             

The warranty of the product doesn’t include normal wear and tear but only factory defects.

How can I know your store is an official store of the Brand I am looking for?

You have to go directly in the productor website under the object “item authorized dealer”.

I have choosen the wrong size: What should I do?

You have to open a procedure return using the appropriate Return easy guide

Should I pay the return of my package?

Yes, You have  to pay

Why should I use your courier to make a return?

Because we Have an agreement and for this We have preferential prices.

Is the package guaranteed from you to return in your store?

No, The guarantee of receipt and arrival to our store has no insurance coverage in the event of theft or loss

What should I do when one or more products are defective?

You must contact us by email to   reporting the problem and specifying email and order number.
Our staff will describe you the procedures to solve the problem

How do I prepare the package for your pick up?

You have to close the package and You have to seal it taking care to protect any delicate parts, then we will take care to send our courier to collect it. Once the goods have returned to our warehouses and we have carried out the necessary checks, Our stuff will contact you




Planet Multi Store

Who is  Planet Multi Store?

It’s a company,leader in the direct and remote sales market in Italy and in the rest of the world,aimed to satisfy the need and desires of a demanding and curious public.
Buying in Planet Multi Store    means you are able to choose comfortably from home, from a wide range of selected and exclusive products and to be able to count on a call center that is always available and highly prepared.




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