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Cometa plate 500gr for backrests

500g lead plate suitable for freediving backs or diving buoys. dimensions 131x52x7 weight 500 gr

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Cometa lead sub square

Squared sub lead. Conceived for those who practice freediving, spearfishing or diving. The edges are smoothed so as not to damage the suit.

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Cometa lead sub rubberized

Sub Gumato lead available in various sizes starting from 1kg, in green, black and yellow. Designed for freediving, spearfishing or spearfishing. Gummed lead has a lower environmental impact than other products in its category, as LEAD NEVER COMES IN CONTACT WITH WATER BECAUSE IT IS TOTALLY COATED, in fact its surface has no holes and / or cracks Excellent resistance to UV rays, ozone and atmospheric aging Resistant to temperatures from - 40 ° C to +100 / + 120 ° C Excellent elastic r

$us 9,42

$us 9,42

Cometa lead bag

Bag lead sub available in 1kg or 2kg. Designed for freediving, spearfishing or spearfishing. Braided and plasticized nylon bag for long life and resistance, completely filled with micro lead shot in order to better adapt to your body with a special belt with pockets.

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Cometa ballast sub band

Band lead for scuba diving.

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