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Euromeci pen teak fast 400 ml

SMACCHIATORE ISTANTANEO PER TEAK PEN TEAK FAST Elimina istantaneamente qualsiasi tipo di macchia dal teak senza danneggiarlo ne scurirlo. Spruzzare una piccola dose direttamente sulla macchia ad una distanza di circa 20 cm. Attendere alcuni minuti che il prodotto polverizzi ed eliminate la polvere residua con una spazzola asciutta.

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Euromeci pen teak 1lt

Detergent for frequent cleaning of teak decks. It cleans the wood without depleting it, drying it and without removing the natural oils contained in it. Low foaming product, safe on tires, plastic, VTR and steel. Dilute 1/10 with water. Appearance / appearance / apparence: liquid / liquid / liquide Color / color / couleur: yellow / yellow / jaune Solubility in water / solubilityinwater / solubilitédansl'eau: soluble / soluble Specific gravity / specific gravity / densité: 0.98 kg / l

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$us 16,66

Euromeci inoxtone 1 lt

RENEWER FOR STAINLESS STEEL INOXTONE is an acid-free product that cleans, descales, polishes and protects stainless steel quickly and effectively. Inoxtone easily eliminates rust spots and prevents their subsequent formation. It does not damage fiberglass or other materials. It can be used on any metal. Apply Inoxtone with a soft sponge, moistened with water, rubbing the surface. On brushed steel apply in the direction of brushing the steel. Rinse with water. Appearance / appea

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Euromeci gommolux 400 ml

POLISHER FOR INFLATABLES GOMMOLUX is a product specifically formulated for the treatment of inflatable boats. Its composition allows to perform a combined protective and polishing action, while renewing the color of the fabric. GOMMOLUX is free of silicones, so it allows subsequent repairs. Apply only on well cleaned and dry dinghies. For cleaning we recommend GOMMONET, specific detergent for inflatable boats, or GOMMOSTRIP in case of inflatable boats that need radical cleaning or to b

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Euromeci eco ship 1 lt

TOTALLY BIODEGRADABLE DEGREASER NAVE ECO is a totally biodegradable, non-flammable degreaser, ideal for any cleaning and degreasing operation on hulls, bilges, engines and where you want to remove dirt, oil, naphtha, greases. Fat separator. Use pure or diluted according to the type of dirt and the means of use. Rinse with water.

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Euromeci cabin eco 1 lt

Detergente totalmentebiodegradabile pe rpavimenti e pareti di legno verniciato nelle cabine e nel pozzetto. Prodotto concentrato da diluirsi in acqua secondo le esigenze.

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Euromeci all net 1lt

UNIVERSAL NEUTRAL CONCENTRATED SHAMPOO ALL NET is a universal concentrated neutral shampoo. It is used for the general washing of boats, rafts, sails and for all uses on board, such as washing dishes, clothes, etc. It is also suitable for use with sea water. Non-aggressive and easy to rinse, it leaves no residue. It is used as a normal shampoo, diluted in water up to 1/200 (1-2 tablespoons in a bucket of water). It is recommended to rinse with water before the product dries on the su

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Beuchat Focea Hood Woman 5mm

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Cressi Minorca 3mm

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