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Hollis spring strap kit

Easy to install. The large handle facilitates the switching on and off of the belt. Corrosion resistant stainless steel straps.

$us 11,26 $us 53,98


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Hollis c60 lx dual wing

Hollis Gear is proud to release the new LX Series Wings, developed and tested by technical divers, and 3 years in the making. Quality and performance are the two most Integral features of this product, which is why Hollis Gear has reintroduced the proven S Series and C Series Wings with key-Improvements. Every wing in the LX Series includes a 360-degree internal retraction system that matches the design of the wing, allowing for a streamlined rig at all times. The exterior bladder is constr

$us 646,67 $us 718,52

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Mcnett Neo Slix 250ml

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Arena Hydrosoft Girl

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Scubapro Cap

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Cressi Minorca 3mm

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Mac Sub 15/m Pt Black
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Garmin Forerunner 45s

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Garmin Vívosmart® 4

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Garmin Instinct Solar

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Garmin Forerunner 945

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Polar Vantage M

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Cressi Fast 3mm Donna

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Rudy Project Tralyx Slim

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Rudy Project Rydon

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Rudy Project Tralyx

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Rudy Project Fotonyk



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