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Michael phelps xceed

XCEED competition goggles combine the patented technology of curved lenses with a low hydrodynamic profile, so as to offer swimmers competitive advantages and exceptional sharpness.

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Michael phelps k180+

The top of the range one-piece eyewear from the Aqua Sphere collection. The special design of the lenses, with the four enlarged viewing angles, and the reduced internal volume guarantee hydrodynamics and a 180 ° field of view, now further enhanced by the availability of polarized and mirrored lenses. Polarized lenses filter the light and block the reflections produced by shiny surfaces, such as water, and increase the color contrast for a more defined vision and better perception. Ideal

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Michael phealps k180

Maximum visibility and very small dimensions. The asymmetrical and anatomical design of the lenses of the K180 model guarantees watertightness thanks to the curvature of the integrated lenses, offering a very wide field of view in a hydrodynamic profile. The soft lung and the adjustable jumper ensure maximum comfort.

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Michael phealps chronos

MP and the reinterpretation of Swedish glasses in a modern key. For our “Swedes † we didn't spare anything: we used our patented Geoplex optical technology to create distortion-free lenses that offer superior vision in every direction. And for your long training days you will appreciate our micro Softeril gasket, for even greater comfort and waterproofness. Chronos: It is a matter of time. Features: Geoplex optical technology: precise geometric surfaces and optical lenses that improv

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Salvimar Cyclops 100 Lt

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